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The signup form is below, but first let me explain a few things.

If you do not verify your account via the email sent to you, your account will be deleted after 48hrs of no account activation via email.

If you no longer wish to receive emails from my system and other members, you can delete your account on the Profile page.

This site is a mailer, you will get lots of emails from the other members, if you do not yet have a gmail address to manage all your mailer emails, set one up now.

If you are already using mailers, then you will know how they work, however, my system has the following MAJOR changes...

I hate mailers that let you spend 2000 credits to send a mail, then only 6 people actually view the site you are promoting, so, 1994 of my hard earned credits have been wasted. I agree in that most of them give you 10, 20, 30 credits for every message that you read, but thats not the point, I read lots of messages to get those credits, just for 1994 of them to vanish into cyber dust.

My system works differently. Messages expire after 14 days, and any credits used to send will be returned to your account when the messages go poof into cyber dust. So, lets say you send a mail to 100 of my members using 100 of your credits, but, only 10 people read it, on day 15, you will get back 90 credits into your account, wey hey !

I also have another hate in that most mailers let you send a mail without viewing other members ads, my system will be working differently, if you have any unread ads in your inbox, you won't be able to send your ad until you have an empty inbox, this also applies to upgraded members, it will also ensure that more messages get read through the system, win win for both upgraded members and free members.

It also drives me nuts when upgraded members do not get ads from free members, I will be having none of that here. Upgraded members WILL receive ads from ALL other members, lets keep it fair guys and gals. The no read no send rule also applies to upgraded members.

AsĀ far as I am concerned, setting up my system in the above way is fair to both free and Pro members. I understand it may upset some people, but you can always close this page and jog on elsewhere if you do not want to play fairly.

In regards to credits and with the system above in place, free members will earn 1 credit per message read, Pro members will earn 2 credits per message read. Remember, on day 15 after sending your message, the message will self destruct and give you the credits back into your account for all the unread messages, so although the 1 credit for each read may seem stingy, it actually isn't as you now get a guaranteed read from either a free or upgraded member from the 1 credit. WIN WIN for all.

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